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About us

A few words about us are a few words about our cuisine…and it combines Polish tradition with modernity. Our menu contains several unchanging dishes which attract our regular guests. These are dishes which can be found nowhere else, e.g. cottage duck roasted with apples prepared in line with original recipes or rolled wild boar fillet in aromatic forest sauce. Apart from traditional dishes, our menu changes to adjust to the availability of seasonal products;  “Four Seasons of the Year” is a special insert, which shows that. We now base on game, goose and pumpkin, as befits autumn. However, each season poses a challenge to us. Some of our dishes (flaki po warszawsku, zrazy Kasztelańskie or jabłecznik z jabłek z grójeckich sadów ) are promoted with the logo of Mazovia Culinary Heritage.

Our restaurants are open all year round from 12 p.m. and the last order is taken at 11 p.m.

Dom Polski Restaurant